What legends shall we make today?

Sailors are great, but everyone loves pirates. I guess because they have been glorified so much in the media that gives them sort of mystery and romance.


Well, I have been a pirate (re-inactor) now for six years and I love it. I dress up in authentic clothes with real weapons, hat, sash and boots in all. I attend Pirate Festivals and charities and even fancy Pirate balls! I love to entertain the crowd being Stowaway Jaye, handing out jokes and coins to the kids and making everyone laugh. Teaching them a bit about pirates, the sea and the historic towns they’ve made famous.


I also love travelling. My adventures has taken me from the East coast to the west coast. From Key West and all over Florida. I have met some wonderful people! Including one who challenged me to write my books. It was a hard struggle but I loved every minute of it since it had been my life’s dream to have my very own book published. I was very lucky I found a great publishing company. I’d be lost without them.


I’ve also been itching to write Book Three in the Sarafina Series. But, so far, it is just a story in my head. I’m waiting for the right time to make it a legend.

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