What do we write about today?

Sometimes it is very hard to finish writing a book. Heck, it’s hard to even start writing a book!  It gets tough when you run out of words to say. We throw in adjectives and adverbs to brighten things up a bit, but, occasionally you run into writer’s block. I have had this happen to me several times. I knew where I was going with the story and what I wanted to say, it’s just that the sentences were at a loss. Then you get discouraged and soon it becomes weeks since you’ve last written anything! No one ever said writing a book is easy. In fact, quite the opposite.


I have an idea for Book Three and know what I want to write about, yet, here I sit. So, sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you find yourself at a loss for words. But, the well won’t produce water until you pump the handle. So, I guess I better start pumping and get my hands wet!

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