Speaking of Super Powers…

I often find myself wondering what great heroic feat should I bring to my main character to accomplish in my books. It’s not as easy as you might think coming up with something that fits your character and situation. I find humor works well. As long as it’s not life threatening. It’s a little harder when your character is a female, a young female, and accompanied by pirates.

There just aren’t that many books out about girls and pirates. And, in “Sarafina and the Pirate’s Spyglass” you even get to time-travel! So I guess I’d say there is a little bit of everything in there. There’s mystery, legends, intrigue, a little puppy love and laughter.

I think Sarafina’s super power would be endurance. For she can withhold her own in a time that is far from her own and withstand many different cultures of people~ including pirates! All while trying to find her way back home.

So, while my super powers may only be simple, they are indeed, super to me!



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