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Noted Author and Pirates Converge in Beaufort, NC for annual Pirate Invasion – August 7 and 8, 2015

Beaufort, NC (August 7-8, 2015): Friday and Saturday will welcome a host of talent from the entertainment and media industry to gather at the waterfront in downtown Beaufort for the annual Beaufort Pirate Invasion.


Big names in the industry will rub shoulders in the historical setting as buccaneers mingle with the public in the festival. Among those most familiar with pirate festivals and Caribbean history is author, Jaye Helm who will be signing books, providing photo opportunities, and meeting her fans at Old Beaufort Shop on Turner Street in Beaufort, NC.


“This will be an exciting opportunity to meet fans in Beaufort,” Helm states. “I can’t think of a better place to launch the book.”


Helm’s first novel, Sarafina and the Pirate’s Spyglass, has already experienced pre-sales records according to the publishing company that represents her book, Doce Blant Publishing. This is the first novel in the Sarafina series, which is a classic tale of adventure, written for children and YA readers.


“We anticipate that sales will continue to climb,” says Marti Melville, the Creative Director for Doce Blant Publishing. “We anticipate an exciting year for 2015 as the world meets Sarafina.”


About the Book

Upon discovery of a rare antique box, Sarafina uncovers an ancient spyglass that transports her back to the 18th-century where she meets scallywags bearing cutlasses, who sail aboard tall ships that bear an unusual black flag. But when she is suddenly kidnapped, she must quickly use her cunning to survive the adventures of the Spanish Main before the spyglass is lost and she is forced to live the rest of her life at sea as a pirate.


About the Author

Jaye Helm’s love for writing started at the age of sixteen. She began her career as an author writing poetry and children’s stories – her earliest poem published several years ago. Coloring her love of reading is the historical flare found in the 18th-century Caribbean with pirates. Jaye can be found dressed up in authentic clothing from the Golden Age of Piracy, frequenting pirate festivals all over the U.S. Jaye Helm lives in Georgia.  She is currently writing the second book in the Sarafina series.


Contact information: 877-298-5665 (toll free) 951-265-4411


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*****  This is a swarthy, fun story about a young girl who is swept back into the 18th-century through a magical spyglass.  Her adventures begin in Beaufort, NC.  But that is only the beginning for Sarafina, who finds herself suddenly enmeshed in the nautical adventures of the seaport town and eventually on baord a pirate ship.  Sarafina and the Pirate’s Spyglass is a great middle-reader book for youth who love adventure, mystery and pirates!   ~ Marti Melville



It has been a long time since a really good adventure story for teen girls has hit the market. This one is everything a good story should be with great characters, and a very easy to follow style that is hard to put down. With every turn of the page, there are interesting developments, as Sarafina tries to make her way in the unfamiliar world of the early 18th Century that she has been somehow transported into by an antique spyglass. She crosses paths with many interesting people, including some historic personages in the form of cutthroat pirates that she has to deal with. There is excitement, danger, and humorous incidents depicted in the story as Sarafina moves through the world of hardened scalawags and survives by her wits. Book 2 will continue the adventures as Sarafina experiences life on the high seas as a pirate herself while she tries to return to her own time period.   ~ Anonymous