Open up and go on an adventure!

Just about everyone loves to travel although some just can’t for various reasons. But, if you pick up a good book you can travel anywhere! In “Sarafina and the Pirate’s Spyglass” you go back in time to the 18th century meeting aristocrats, sailors and bloodthirsty pirates. You will enjoy adventuring out to the Caribbean to strange new places and meeting new people.


But, Sarafina has to be careful and learn to live by her cunning wits to survive and blend in. But, she is soon kidnapped and forced to work as a cook on Captain Hornigold’s pirate ship. But, it isn’t all bad news. Some of the pirates aren’t so bad and she falls in love with the sea, singing old shanties at night on deck under a full moon with the sails billowing up above.


So get your copy today and get involved with mystery, suspense and some laughter in “Sarafina and the Pirates Spyglass”. Book Two of the series will soon be out, to be released in early July called “Sarafina and the Pirates’ Journey”.  So sail on!  Thank you.

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