On the Down Side

Pirates loved the sea, tis true. But, how it all changes with the wind. Such a strong resource to be lucky enough to have. For without the wind the ship would be dead in the water. They would manage the best they could taking the slack time keeping up with cleaning guns and the sort. It was a time for story telling and carving pictures and scenes from a battle in the tooth of a whale or if not available into stone or even wood.


Yes, tis hard to separate the pirate from the sea. Many are great sailors and earned the respect of their peers to become Captain. A very difficult position to hold and keep. Whilst some become quite valuable such as  carpenters, ships doctor and sail makers, not to mention the night-watch men, the cook and the one who climbs up past the top of the masts taking station in the crow’s nest looking for ships of every kind as well as land.


Sometimes the journey takes them to far away lands for spices, shimmering cloth and expensive wine and rum.


Rum was in great demand as fresh water was hard to keep fresh on board.  Depending on who you were and your position greatly affected how much rum you would receive besides your daily rations.


So, pirates and sailors have much more in common than you might know. Consider the free spirit of life at sea, but know this, it was not easy.


As much as people would like to think of the glory and romance that follows pirates. There is a great deal more!

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