Now mentioned in a magazine article!

Ahoy there!  Good news to spread around. My book, Sarafina and the Pirates Spyglass and I will be in an on-line magazine article next month!  The magazine is called “lEcho des mers” or the “The Echo of the Seas” from Festival Des Pirates, produced by MFT production out of Quebec. Website forthcoming. You can also go to “Festival Des Pirates.

The article will introduce me and give you insight into me as an author, how I came to write the book, and what my inspiration was. Then it goes on to tell you what the book is about and how Sarafina goes on many adventures by herself AND with a scurvy lot of pirates.  It tells of the people she meets and the perils she must go through and how she overcomes them.

There is a surprise coming up in Book II of the series that will catch everyone off guard — although, it’s not due to come out for another couple of months. So, you’ll have to be patient. I know a lot of you are already looking forward to Book II and I am just as excited as you are — but, I’ll not spoil the surprise. More exciting adventures and trouble, glory, and fun comes out in full swing.


Thank you!

~ Jaye

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