Not just a Pirate author, but also a Pirate!

Hello, and welcome. I thought some of you might like to know how the Sarafina series got started. Well, I’m not just a pirate author, but I’m a pirate too ~ a pirate re-enactor! I go to pirate festivals fully clothed in authentic looking attire equipped with cutlass, knife and flintlock pistol (all real working weapons)  and entertain the crowd with jokes, bits of history as well as hand out coins to the little ones and pose for photo ops.

Now, you ask, what does that all have to do with becoming a pirate author? Glad you asked. I was at a pirate event and another pirate friend gave me this challenge. “See if you can compose a book like Nancy Drew meets Pirate’s of the Caribbean.” he told me. So I did. And thus the Sarafina Series was born!

Easy you think? Not. At. All. Although I have been writing since I was 12 years old, I only wrote short stories and poems along with children’s stories. So this was quite the task to take on! I worked very hard on it, went to other seasoned pirate re-enactors and asked a lot of questions, took a lot of notes, did a lot of reading up on the history and researched all I could about pirate life.

And it paid off. I have sold so many of my YA books to most of all my adult pirate friends and nothing came back except comments such as “Great book! Loved the story!” and “I stayed up most of the night reading it, wanted to see what happened next!” And others who are not pirate friends as I do a lot of book signings at events and libraries and Barnes & Noble as well as other stores.

So with many Five Star reviews and some great comments, I’d say I succeeded in my quest. I am quite happy with how it all came out. It was a lot of hard work but was also fun. But, mostly hard work. LoL!

And now… I have had a lot of people who have read my books approach me and say “So, when’s book three coming out?”

And all I can say is “Arrrgh, I guess I better get back to writing!


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