Looking towards my new adventure on the East Coast

We are off travelling again. Keeping a watchful eye out for land. This time to the East coast of North Carolina. Where you will find just across the Morehead City bridge the town of Indian Beach on Emerald Isle. A nice quaint and peaceful town…well..it is before tourist season! It was there that I unfurled my sails and visited some of the wonderful little sea shops along the way. And…I just so happened across a really nice book store.


I also carry my books with me when I travel so this was an especially good find for me. I walked in and was greeted warmly. I proceeded to browse to get the feel of the shop and I loved it. So, I spoke to the manager/owner and I told her I was a local author of a story about a young teen girl and pirates and she looked at me, smiled, and said “I’ll take it!”  Which pleased me very much!


So, now you can also find my book at Beach Book Mart at 1010 W. Fort Macon Road in Atlantic Beach, NC. That chalks up another store where you may find “Sarafina and the Pirate’s Spyglass”.  She also said she is looking forward to selling my second book “Sarafina and the Pirates’ Journey”.  I am in several libraries as well in California, Utah and Illinois. I am just pleased that so many people are enjoying my book. So, pick up your copy today for yourself, or buy one for a youngster and read it to them and join in on the adventure! I will be more than happy to sign and personalize a copy for you. You can order one here at my website. Just make sure you make a note in the comment box that you want it signed. Thank you for all your support.

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