Look who’s sailing in!

Follow the adventures of Sarafina in the second book of the series called “Sarafina and the Pirates Journey.”

There are more exciting people to meet while sailing through crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. Sarafina gets into her share of trouble being kidnapped by pirates and being forced to work as a cook on board. But, she discovers that not all pirates are cutthroats as she makes friends with some of the crew.

More mystery, exciting adventures and laughter await the reader as Book Two takes you on a fantastical ride through lands and ports of call. It will tell you of real pirates, real food they ate and of course, their bright and funny conversations! Not only is it a good read, it tells a bit of history as well.


So, grab your copy of “Sarafina and the Pirates’ Spyglass” the first in the series and learn all about what happens to Sarafina!  Book Two is said to come out sometime in late June so hurry and grab the first book.


I wish you happy reading!  For ages 7 to adult.  Enjoy!

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