Look what the new horizon has brought us

I am very pleased to announce that Barnes & Nobles book store in Glendora California has now

stocked up on both books in the Sarafina series, “Sarafina and the Pirate’s Spyglass and “Sarafina

and the Pirate’s Journey”.


Please check them out! These are great adventure stories with mystery, suspense, pirates and even

some laughter!  There are some characters you might recognize from history as well as a few of my

friends and a surprise guest!


I have even put in a few of my own recipes when Sarafina is forced to be a cook on a pirate ship.

There are lots of surprises that pop up and some colorful characters. It reads along nicely and have

been told it is hard to put down! So, get your set today and join Sarafina on a wild ride of adventure!

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