Have Spyglass, will travel

I have often thought it would be awesome to find some object or relic to send me to another time and dimension. But, after writing about it in the Sarafina Series books, I realized that it may not be all fun and games! First, there’s the problem of figuring out how to use the object so you can find your way back home. If, after you’ve had the experience, you do indeed wish to go home! Some might find that a hard decision to make, depending of course, where they are sent.

But, Sarafina does wish to go back home and does not know how. Although she has made several good friends, some even pirates. We follow her along her adventure through the eyes of modern day teen-ager in the early 18th Century. Be it in calm waters, a noisy tavern or the rolling seas, Sarafina learns new things everyday. She learns to cope with her plight and survive. And we learn of the ways of the pirates, about tall tales and sea legends right along with her.

So, I’m not so sure I’d want to travel outside my Century, after all I can always visit them in books!

Happy Reading.




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