Follow me on an exciting adventure!

It’s here! Book Two “Sarafina and the Pirate’s Journey”  the next book in the Sarafina Series. Filled with more exciting adventure as Sarafina sails the Caribbean with cutthroats and pirates forced to work as a cook aboard a  pirate ship after being kidnapped. Will Sarafina ever find her way back home to her own century?


While on board, she discovers that there is a ghost story about a legendary spirit who haunts the ship. Some believe it is just a sailors yarn but, some believe she is real. Will Sarafina find out which is true?


While at sea they come across a Spanish Galleon surely filled with lots of treasure in their hold, and wealthy passengers. They open fire on the vessel. Do they win the battle or did they sink to the bottom of the sea?


There is plenty more to the story! You can order the set at:  Or order here under “books” for individual books. You’re sure to be in for a wild ride with suspense, mystery and laughter!  Thank you.

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