Expect the Unexpected…always

Here’s a little excerpt from book two “Sarafina and the Pirate’s Journey”

“Sarafina! You should be in your cabin. NOW!” She clenches his arm. “What is going on? Are we under attack?” “Aye, Missy, that we are. Hoist the colors! the captain shouts to his men, and the British flag is quickly run up the masthead. Sarafina is too shocked to move. Then she hears the first cannon fire from the pirate ship. It sounds like mighty thunder in the distance-loud enough to send her to safety. The ship is close enough that she can see its black flag bearing the skull and crossbones. “This isn’t real,” she says. “This can’t be happening! I’m supposed to be at the mall with my friends!”

Just an example of why you should always expect the unexpected. Sarafina is a modern day teen that is thrust back in time to the year 1714. She must make her way in that world coming across wealthy aristocrats and some seedy cutthroats and pirates. Sailing aboard tall ships deep in the Caribbean may sound like paradise, but not when pirates are about!

But Sarafina’s keen sense and loving personality makes way for all kinds of scenarios. Sometimes comical in nature, she finds a way to make things work out. And discovers the truth about an old sea legend told by sailors and pirates alike.

I don’t know about you, but, I don’t think I would do well in another era. But luckily for Sarafina she makes good friends fast, although some rather unusual ones, but lasting ones. An important key but, always remember ~ expect the unexpected!

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