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Hello everyone! It always makes my day when I go and look and see new Five Star reviews about “Sarafina and the Pirate’s Spyglass”!  I am very humbled that so many people like it and are looking forward to Book II in the Sarafina Series.  Thank you all!!  Please read the following, you may be missing out on something good!



Format: Paperback

I loved it. The way Jaye captured the imagination of a young girl with a simple spyglass !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome story , kept you wanting not to put it down! I recommend this for anyone that has a young girl. Why? Girls have so few heroines they can look up to. Sarafina, gives us just that ! I sure hope Sarafina goes on many awesome adventures with her awesome spyglass !!!!!!!!!!!!! I think every girl young and old will love this girl’s adventure ! I love how she started in the now. Sarafina, does have to watch her words as she speaks. Which makes her very interesting to whoever is reading about her. She does meet some dears as well as few savery charactors. Best of luck to JAYE HELM she makes the reader want MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!
on December 1, 2015
Sarafina and the Pirate’s Spyglass is such a wonderful story for any age! It’s definitely a book that’s hard to put down and makes you bite your nails waiting for the next one to come out!! The story is captivating and easy to follow, there are no ‘slow’ or ‘boring’ parts. The attention to details makes you feel as if you are in the story yourself! It’s such an amazing adventure that keeps a permanent smile on your face! What’s really great is that the story is great for any young adult as well as it is for any full grown adult! It would make a fantastic gift for any occasion! I highly suggest you give it a read! The only bad part is that it’s over before you know it!!! I guess that just gives me more time to read it again while waiting for book 2!
By the way,  Book II will be coming out in January 2016! Be sure to get Book One so you can best appreciate the great adventures in Book II.
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