Does anyone else do this?

I especially like to read before I go to sleep. I get under the blankets and like a little kid and pull the blanket up over my head just enough so that I can see the pages. But, instead of a flashlight, I turn on my little lamp on my nightstand. It’s soft glow helps set the scene, lighting the book just right. I fluff up my pillow and tuck it up under my chin and begin the adventure of whatever I happen to be reading at the time.

I like to read about many different things. Mainly pirates, but I also love a good drama or a mystery or even a good love story. But, mainly pirates. Oh, did I say that before? Well, it was worth saying again! I love to dress in authentic clothing with real working weapons of the pirates of the 18th century and make appearances at Pirate Festivals . My character, Stowaway Jaye, keeps a low profile being a stowaway, but loves to tell a story or two about her travels.

Speaking of stories, it’s getting about that time. Sometimes I find myself wanting to go to bed early just so I can have my quiet time in my nice warm bed to read! But, even though my head may nod and my eyes grow weary, I want to continue on. And I usually don’t stop until my head hits the book in my hands and wakes me up enough to place my bookmark in my book and turn out the light.

And so, I was just wondering if I was the only one out there like this!

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  1. I do that too…also when I have a good soak. My books have water-logged pages from sitting in a hot tub or pool. That’s a good sign though. If the book wasn’t intriguing, I wouldn’t have with me in the hot tub or in bed (sounds like the perfect post for Valentine’s Day, doesn’t it?)

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