Buy a watermelon, sell a book!

This is a picture of my set up.

Had a great time at my book signing in Beaufort, North Carolina last Saturday at the Carteret County Public Library. Before we were even set up a lady called the library to see if we take checks, said of course. One lady came in right when we just got done setting up and said she came in specifically just to see me! Certainly my day has started out good! She was even carrying the newspaper article from the paper. Another lady came in and said “ARE YOU JAYE HELM?” which made my smile even bigger!


I had given two to the library to have. One they said they were going to put in their raffle for a prize. I would say it was a successful book signing. Talked to a lot of people and even educated a few about pirates. I have fun interacting with my customers.


On the way home, we pass through a little town called Bogue Sound which are famous for their watermelons. I used to live close by there and remember how good they were, so we stopped at a little farm stand to get one. The lady at the cash register saw that we were from out of town and welcomed us to North Carolina. I explained I was just leaving after just having done a book signing. She perked up when she discovered I was an author. She listened as I told her about my books. She bought one right away! She even gave me her card so we could keep in touch. Thus, buy a watermelon, sell a book!

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