Ahoy to ye and welcome aboard! Oh, are you a little apprehensive? Maybe even a little scared? Well, I am just a harmless stowaway. My greatest trick is stealing, ahem, I mean borrowing items I may need on my journey aboard ship and replacing them with unusual things that may even bring a laugh!

I don’t want to hurt anyone, but if cornered, I will sick my monkey on you, well, I don’t always have a monkey at hand, but I will defend myself. But, I choose to stay stay out of harms way and out of sight. I do my best so that no one will ever know I was even here.

Even though I guess I can be called a pirate of sorts, tagging along side the scoundrels, I really don’t want to hurt anyone. Although I may look tough with my cutlass and my flintlock pistol, I am still just a petite young girl of only five feet tall and one hundred and five pounds.

So, even if you are lucky enough to spot me, do not be afraid . I may walk amongst some of the most fearsome characters around, but I am probably just as scared as you!

Here’s a little excerpt from book two “Sarafina and the Pirate’s Journey”

“Sarafina! You should be in your cabin. NOW!” She clenches his arm. “What is going on? Are we under attack?” “Aye, Missy, that we are. Hoist the colors! the captain shouts to his men, and the British flag is quickly run up the masthead. Sarafina is too shocked to move. Then she hears the first cannon fire from the pirate ship. It sounds like mighty thunder in the distance-loud enough to send her to safety. The ship is close enough that she can see its black flag bearing the skull and crossbones. “This isn’t real,” she says. “This can’t be happening! I’m supposed to be at the mall with my friends!”

Just an example of why you should always expect the unexpected. Sarafina is a modern day teen that is thrust back in time to the year 1714. She must make her way in that world coming across wealthy aristocrats and some seedy cutthroats and pirates. Sailing aboard tall ships deep in the Caribbean may sound like paradise, but not when pirates are about!

But Sarafina’s keen sense and loving personality makes way for all kinds of scenarios. Sometimes comical in nature, she finds a way to make things work out. And discovers the truth about an old sea legend told by sailors and pirates alike.

I don’t know about you, but, I don’t think I would do well in another era. But luckily for Sarafina she makes good friends fast, although some rather unusual ones, but lasting ones. An important key but, always remember ~ expect the unexpected!

St. Augustine (February 2, 2019): A Saturday in 2019 will welcome talent from the writer’s community to the St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum. Jaye Helm will be the featured author at the museum for this event.

“Stowaway Jaye” will rub shoulders in the historical setting as she mingles with the public in historical St. Augustine, FL. Among those most familiar with pirate events and Caribbean history, author Jaye Helm will be signing books, providing photo opportunities, and meeting her fans at 12 S. Castillo Drive, St. Augustine, FL.

“This will be an exciting opportunity to meet fans in St. Augustine,” Helm states. “I can’t think of a better place to talk about history and discuss the books.”

Helm’s first novel, Sarafina and the Pirate’s Spyglass, has already experienced pre-sales records according to the publishing company that represents her book, Doce Blant Publishing. This is the first novel in the Sarafina series. Her second book, Sarafina and the Pirates’ Journey, has enjoyed similar success as a sequel in the Sarafina series, which is a classic tale of adventure, written for children and YA readers.

“We anticipate that sales will continue to climb,” says Marti Melville, the Creative Director for Doce Blant Publishing. “We anticipate an exciting year for 2019 as the world is reintroduced to Sarafina.”

About the Book

Upon discovery of a rare antique box, Sarafina uncovers an ancient spyglass that transports her back to the 18th-century where she meets scallywags bearing cutlasses, who sail aboard tall ships that bear an unusual black flag. But when she is suddenly kidnapped, she must quickly use her cunning to survive the adventures of the Spanish Main before the spyglass is lost and she is forced to live the rest of her life at sea as a pirate.

About the Author

Jaye Helm’s love for writing started at the age of sixteen. She began her career as an author writing poetry and children’s stories – her earliest poem published several years ago. Coloring her love of reading is the historical flare found in the 18th-century Caribbean with pirates. Jaye can be found dressed up in authentic clothing from the Golden Age of Piracy, frequenting pirate festivals all over the U.S. Jaye Helm lives in Georgia.

I will be signing copies of the Sarafina Series books at the St. Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum on Feb. 2nd! Come out and hear how it all got started and talk pirate with me. Stowaway Jaye has been my pirate name for about nine years now and I love going to book signings and pirate events and meeting new people and seeing old friends again.

So come out and meet me and let’s do some photos together! I’d love to meet you!

I found this little saying to be true. You are only one book away from a good mood. Books are so magical, they can take you anywhere you want to go. You can go to outer space, visit another country, go forward or back in time or even learn something that you may not have known. I love to read! I think everyone should set aside maybe even 20 minutes to read. I think you’ll find that you are no longer lonely, tired & angry while you are reading a good book, if maybe for only that 20 minutes.


If you find that you just can’t get into the story, simply pick a different book. Select an author you think you may like, keep searching until you find the right one. I think you’ll be glad you did! So, go on that adventure, see the dragon or set sail for parts unknown. Remember, you are only one book away.

Hello, and welcome. I thought some of you might like to know how the Sarafina series got started. Well, I’m not just a pirate author, but I’m a pirate too ~ a pirate re-enactor! I go to pirate festivals fully clothed in authentic looking attire equipped with cutlass, knife and flintlock pistol (all real working weapons)  and entertain the crowd with jokes, bits of history as well as hand out coins to the little ones and pose for photo ops.

Now, you ask, what does that all have to do with becoming a pirate author? Glad you asked. I was at a pirate event and another pirate friend gave me this challenge. “See if you can compose a book like Nancy Drew meets Pirate’s of the Caribbean.” he told me. So I did. And thus the Sarafina Series was born!

Easy you think? Not. At. All. Although I have been writing since I was 12 years old, I only wrote short stories and poems along with children’s stories. So this was quite the task to take on! I worked very hard on it, went to other seasoned pirate re-enactors and asked a lot of questions, took a lot of notes, did a lot of reading up on the history and researched all I could about pirate life.

And it paid off. I have sold so many of my YA books to most of all my adult pirate friends and nothing came back except comments such as “Great book! Loved the story!” and “I stayed up most of the night reading it, wanted to see what happened next!” And others who are not pirate friends as I do a lot of book signings at events and libraries and Barnes & Noble as well as other stores.

So with many Five Star reviews and some great comments, I’d say I succeeded in my quest. I am quite happy with how it all came out. It was a lot of hard work but was also fun. But, mostly hard work. LoL!

And now… I have had a lot of people who have read my books approach me and say “So, when’s book three coming out?”

And all I can say is “Arrrgh, I guess I better get back to writing!


I have often thought it would be awesome to find some object or relic to send me to another time and dimension. But, after writing about it in the Sarafina Series books, I realized that it may not be all fun and games! First, there’s the problem of figuring out how to use the object so you can find your way back home. If, after you’ve had the experience, you do indeed wish to go home! Some might find that a hard decision to make, depending of course, where they are sent.

But, Sarafina does wish to go back home and does not know how. Although she has made several good friends, some even pirates. We follow her along her adventure through the eyes of modern day teen-ager in the early 18th Century. Be it in calm waters, a noisy tavern or the rolling seas, Sarafina learns new things everyday. She learns to cope with her plight and survive. And we learn of the ways of the pirates, about tall tales and sea legends right along with her.

So, I’m not so sure I’d want to travel outside my Century, after all I can always visit them in books!

Happy Reading.




Pirates loved the sea, tis true. But, how it all changes with the wind. Such a strong resource to be lucky enough to have. For without the wind the ship would be dead in the water. They would manage the best they could taking the slack time keeping up with cleaning guns and the sort. It was a time for story telling and carving pictures and scenes from a battle in the tooth of a whale or if not available into stone or even wood.


Yes, tis hard to separate the pirate from the sea. Many are great sailors and earned the respect of their peers to become Captain. A very difficult position to hold and keep. Whilst some become quite valuable such as  carpenters, ships doctor and sail makers, not to mention the night-watch men, the cook and the one who climbs up past the top of the masts taking station in the crow’s nest looking for ships of every kind as well as land.


Sometimes the journey takes them to far away lands for spices, shimmering cloth and expensive wine and rum.


Rum was in great demand as fresh water was hard to keep fresh on board.  Depending on who you were and your position greatly affected how much rum you would receive besides your daily rations.


So, pirates and sailors have much more in common than you might know. Consider the free spirit of life at sea, but know this, it was not easy.


As much as people would like to think of the glory and romance that follows pirates. There is a great deal more!

A ship. The ship. Is just off the harbor at anchor. Awaiting to unload it’s riches and re-stock on supplies. The night is cool but calm. You watch at a distance as the shirtless pirates load and unload the goods. You can’t help but wonder what they may be. What far off lands did they travel to, to find such wonders?  And how much are they worth?


Your mouth waters as they begin to unload the chests of silver coins and small gold statues of what looks like Greek gods that must be worth a fortune! And at the delicious spices and sugars and exotic fruits in crates that appear! You can hardly wait to taste them as you creep closer in the dim light of the night.


As you stand in the twilight behind another ship docked watching the activity of the new ship, you can’t help but wonder the possibilities.

I often find myself wondering what great heroic feat should I bring to my main character to accomplish in my books. It’s not as easy as you might think coming up with something that fits your character and situation. I find humor works well. As long as it’s not life threatening. It’s a little harder when your character is a female, a young female, and accompanied by pirates.

There just aren’t that many books out about girls and pirates. And, in “Sarafina and the Pirate’s Spyglass” you even get to time-travel! So I guess I’d say there is a little bit of everything in there. There’s mystery, legends, intrigue, a little puppy love and laughter.

I think Sarafina’s super power would be endurance. For she can withhold her own in a time that is far from her own and withstand many different cultures of people~ including pirates! All while trying to find her way back home.

So, while my super powers may only be simple, they are indeed, super to me!