A Mysterious Secret

A ship. The ship. Is just off the harbor at anchor. Awaiting to unload it’s riches and re-stock on supplies. The night is cool but calm. You watch at a distance as the shirtless pirates load and unload the goods. You can’t help but wonder what they may be. What far off lands did they travel to, to find such wonders?  And how much are they worth?


Your mouth waters as they begin to unload the chests of silver coins and small gold statues of what looks like Greek gods that must be worth a fortune! And at the delicious spices and sugars and exotic fruits in crates that appear! You can hardly wait to taste them as you creep closer in the dim light of the night.


As you stand in the twilight behind another ship docked watching the activity of the new ship, you can’t help but wonder the possibilities.

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