Ahoy to ye and welcome aboard! Oh, are you a little apprehensive? Maybe even a little scared? Well, I am just a harmless stowaway. My greatest trick is stealing, ahem, I mean borrowing items I may need on my journey aboard ship and replacing them with unusual things that may even bring a laugh!

I don’t want to hurt anyone, but if cornered, I will sick my monkey on you, well, I don’t always have a monkey at hand, but I will defend myself. But, I choose to stay stay out of harms way and out of sight. I do my best so that no one will ever know I was even here.

Even though I guess I can be called a pirate of sorts, tagging along side the scoundrels, I really don’t want to hurt anyone. Although I may look tough with my cutlass and my flintlock pistol, I am still just a petite young girl of only five feet tall and one hundred and five pounds.

So, even if you are lucky enough to spot me, do not be afraid . I may walk amongst some of the most fearsome characters around, but I am probably just as scared as you!