Sarafina and the Pirate's Spyglass. The first in the Sarafina series by author Jaye Helm.Jaye Helm is one of the world’s most unique authors. She actually lives the subject of which she writes. She weaves a magical tale during the Golden Age of Pirates through the eyes of Sarafina. Being an author of another time period takes research that is a labor of love.

But Jaye has another edge. She lives the life of a pirate of that time period most days. She loves the art of traveling to perform as a period reenactor, and her favorite time period is that of her protagonist, Sarafina.

You will often find Jaye dressed from stem to stern and living as pirates lived. If you’re fortunate enough to catch her at one of her live performances, you’ll never view pirate life the same again.

The Sarafina series came about as a result of a challenge from a reenactor friend who also lives the life of a pirate. She includes characters in her books that are very real for her as she works with them.

The books a great read for ages 12 and above. She weaves the tales with intrigue, smatterings of laughter, and many action-packed adventures. After being transformed back to the early 1700s, Sarafina must find her way living in a difficult century of  cutthroat pirates while trying to find her way back to her own time.

Look for the next adventure in the Sarafina story coming in 2016.