I am so excited! On March 9th thru the 12th I will be doing book signings and meeting other Doce Blant Publishing authors, editors and artists at some fantastic places in Savannah Georgia, like The Pirate House resturant and Barnes and Noble book store and E. Shaver Booksellers. We will also mingle at The Crab Shack on Tybee Island as well as Sting Rays Seafood where they are going to make a signature drink from a character in our books! So I will have to tell you all how to make a “Sarafina”!


We plan on attending the Irish Festival and be in the parade. What fun! And on the last day together we will say our good-bys at Fannies on the Beach on Tybee Island. We sure have a lot of exciting things to see and do but for me the most exciting will be meeting the other half of the people at Doce Blant Publishing!

I believe that one of lifes greatest treasures are books. For they can take you anywhere your imagination can go. Think about it. There are so many different kinds of books. You can be entertained, scared, feel love and have your curiousity peaked. In the Sarafina Series, I hope I have done all that. Sarafina can appeal to young adults as well as a little younger or older. Many people have told me they bought it for their children and read it themselves and loved it!

So, to me as a writer and an avid reader, books are precious treasures. Like finding diamonds in the rough. I hope you get intrigued and discover what exciting adventures lay ahead in the Sarafina Series books. Book One “Sarafina and the Pirate’s Spyglass” is a tale of a teen-ager who mysteriously gets thrust back into the 18th Century with pirates. And in Book Two “Sarafina and the Pirate’s Journey” she finds herself aboard a pirate ship as a cook, but then turns pirate herself all while trying to find her way home.

Get your little treasures today of the Sarafina Series and discover a world of possabilities!

I especially like to read before I go to sleep. I get under the blankets and like a little kid and pull the blanket up over my head just enough so that I can see the pages. But, instead of a flashlight, I turn on my little lamp on my nightstand. It’s soft glow helps set the scene, lighting the book just right. I fluff up my pillow and tuck it up under my chin and begin the adventure of whatever I happen to be reading at the time.

I like to read about many different things. Mainly pirates, but I also love a good drama or a mystery or even a good love story. But, mainly pirates. Oh, did I say that before? Well, it was worth saying again! I love to dress in authentic clothing with real working weapons of the pirates of the 18th century and make appearances at Pirate Festivals . My character, Stowaway Jaye, keeps a low profile being a stowaway, but loves to tell a story or two about her travels.

Speaking of stories, it’s getting about that time. Sometimes I find myself wanting to go to bed early just so I can have my quiet time in my nice warm bed to read! But, even though my head may nod and my eyes grow weary, I want to continue on. And I usually don’t stop until my head hits the book in my hands and wakes me up enough to place my bookmark in my book and turn out the light.

And so, I was just wondering if I was the only one out there like this!

Can you imagine what it would be like to be on one of these big ships in a land of pirates? The gentle swaying of the rocking ship as she sails on through into the night on dark blue waters. The creaking of the wood as you step on a plank on the deck. The gentle warm breeze that slightly lifts your hair. The call on down from the crows nest that all is well, meaning no pirates have been spotted…yet.


Sounds like it would make a start to a good book right? Well, if you throw in a young teen-age girl that got thrown into the eighteenth century from the year 2012, and gets kidnapped by pirates and well… I don’t want to spoil it for you but you can find all these adventures in my books in The Sarafina Series. Take a look at the Books of the website to learn about me and the stories that I tell in my books.


You can also order there as well. Check out Book One, “Sarafina and the Pirate’s Spyglass” and Book Two, “Sarafina and the Pirates Journey.” Intended for Young Adults and also safe for 8 year olds. Adults love them!

So, take a ride on a big pirate ship, and don’t forget to bring a good book!

Well, what do ya know? Our friend the dead pirate skeleton came by my table at the Fisherman’s Village in Punta Gorda, Florida just to get my book! Friendly chap, he was. Didn’t have much to say, being dead and all but he really took an interest in the Sarafina Series. Lots of mystery, suspense and even a laugh here and there! OH, and lots of pirates!

Actually, I had a lot of people come by to see me and get their books and have them signed by me. It was such a pleasure at the great turn out! I appreciate each and every one of my fans.  You mean a lot to me!

I had the great opportunity to wear three different outfits on the three day event. You need to watch because you’ll never know what I’ll wear next!

Please go to my website to learn more and order your own Sarafina Series at jayehelm.com  Please contact me anytime as I would love to hear from you. There is a contact button on my website.

So, little skeleton pirates fall asleep reading about Sarafina’s trials and journey.

Good-night my friend.

Smooth sailing.


Sailors are great, but everyone loves pirates. I guess because they have been glorified so much in the media that gives them sort of mystery and romance.


Well, I have been a pirate (re-inactor) now for six years and I love it. I dress up in authentic clothes with real weapons, hat, sash and boots in all. I attend Pirate Festivals and charities and even fancy Pirate balls! I love to entertain the crowd being Stowaway Jaye, handing out jokes and coins to the kids and making everyone laugh. Teaching them a bit about pirates, the sea and the historic towns they’ve made famous.


I also love travelling. My adventures has taken me from the East coast to the west coast. From Key West and all over Florida. I have met some wonderful people! Including one who challenged me to write my books. It was a hard struggle but I loved every minute of it since it had been my life’s dream to have my very own book published. I was very lucky I found a great publishing company. I’d be lost without them.


I’ve also been itching to write Book Three in the Sarafina Series. But, so far, it is just a story in my head. I’m waiting for the right time to make it a legend.

I am very pleased to announce that Barnes & Nobles book store in Glendora California has now

stocked up on both books in the Sarafina series, “Sarafina and the Pirate’s Spyglass and “Sarafina

and the Pirate’s Journey”.


Please check them out! These are great adventure stories with mystery, suspense, pirates and even

some laughter!  There are some characters you might recognize from history as well as a few of my

friends and a surprise guest!


I have even put in a few of my own recipes when Sarafina is forced to be a cook on a pirate ship.

There are lots of surprises that pop up and some colorful characters. It reads along nicely and have

been told it is hard to put down! So, get your set today and join Sarafina on a wild ride of adventure!

It’s here! Book Two “Sarafina and the Pirate’s Journey”  the next book in the Sarafina Series. Filled with more exciting adventure as Sarafina sails the Caribbean with cutthroats and pirates forced to work as a cook aboard a  pirate ship after being kidnapped. Will Sarafina ever find her way back home to her own century?


While on board, she discovers that there is a ghost story about a legendary spirit who haunts the ship. Some believe it is just a sailors yarn but, some believe she is real. Will Sarafina find out which is true?


While at sea they come across a Spanish Galleon surely filled with lots of treasure in their hold, and wealthy passengers. They open fire on the vessel. Do they win the battle or did they sink to the bottom of the sea?


There is plenty more to the story! You can order the set at: https://squareup.com/store/doce-blant-publishing/item/sarafina-set-book-paperback  Or order here under “books” for individual books. You’re sure to be in for a wild ride with suspense, mystery and laughter!  Thank you.

Hello everyone! Just got back from another book signing at a pirate event in Vero Beach, Florida. It sure was a hot one! But still had a good turn-out. I signed a lot of sets of Book One and Book Two. Makes me so happy that they will know the entire story…so far!


The week-end went without a hitch. The energy drink stand was right across from me and they were handing out cans for free! It really helped keep me going!  I also got lucky that the snow-cone guy was right by me! All in all it was a great time!


So, be sure to order your set today so you can keep up with Sarafina in the Sarafina Series. You can use this link: https://squareup.com/store/doce-blant-publishing/item/sarafina-set-book-paperback   Thank you!!

This is a picture of my set up.

Had a great time at my book signing in Beaufort, North Carolina last Saturday at the Carteret County Public Library. Before we were even set up a lady called the library to see if we take checks, said of course. One lady came in right when we just got done setting up and said she came in specifically just to see me! Certainly my day has started out good! She was even carrying the newspaper article from the paper. Another lady came in and said “ARE YOU JAYE HELM?” which made my smile even bigger!


I had given two to the library to have. One they said they were going to put in their raffle for a prize. I would say it was a successful book signing. Talked to a lot of people and even educated a few about pirates. I have fun interacting with my customers.


On the way home, we pass through a little town called Bogue Sound which are famous for their watermelons. I used to live close by there and remember how good they were, so we stopped at a little farm stand to get one. The lady at the cash register saw that we were from out of town and welcomed us to North Carolina. I explained I was just leaving after just having done a book signing. She perked up when she discovered I was an author. She listened as I told her about my books. She bought one right away! She even gave me her card so we could keep in touch. Thus, buy a watermelon, sell a book!